700 Series over under shotguns

THE MILAZZO   |   Model 0708S   |   THE TORINO   |   Model 0730R



From their superb handling, innovative function and stunning looks, to the sophisticated and thoughtful details, Thomas Ferney & Co. designs and manufactures each of our 700 series shotguns to impress.

Thomas Ferney 700 Series shotguns are crafted hand finished in very limited quantities by some of the world's foremost artisan gun makers. TF&Co. source various aspects of the manufacturing process to the most talented craftspeople in Europe and the United States, ensuring a final product of uncompromising beauty, quality and reliability. 


Each of the 700 series shotgun models has been designed by our team in Darnestown Maryland with the needs of the American sportsman in mind. Much of the internal lock-work is milled at our production facility in Maryland. Various other aspects of production take place in, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Turkey. Our in-house manufacturing team undertakes much of the final assembly and finish work at our facilities in Maryland. This includes hand inspecting each shotgun for quality assurance and proper operation before it leaves our facilities. Warranty work is also carried out at our Maryland facilities.


The "birth" of a Thomas Ferney 700 Series shotgun is truly a complicated international undertaking. Although complex, this process ensures that the most talented craftspeople possible are involved in the creation of what will ultimately be your shotgun; regardless of borders or distance. Thomas Ferney & Co. literally spans the globe to ensure your 700 Series shotgun is a masterpiece.  


700 Series shotguns are produced slowly and in very small quantities allowing for uncompromising attention to detail. The 700 Series Over and Under shotguns feature rich finishes such as: carefully selected, highly figured Walnut stocks and fore-ends; fine hand-cut checkering; barrels of the highest purity alloy steel (lined and finished with chrome), carefully machined internal and external parts hand fit and polished to precise tolerances; receivers featuring hand-cut limited edition engravings; and a carefully crafted wood to metal fit that gives the feeling that the various parts have grown together.

At Thomas Ferney, we are craftsmen and sportsmen. Passion has driven our desire to produce world class over and under shotguns. Our specifications have been developed specifically with the American wing and sport shooter in mind. Real world experience, our commitment to innovation and improvement, and our belief that doing things right be our foremost priority, have provided our company's foundation. We offer a superior product built with the most modern techniques and materials, but with care and attention to detail that is reminiscent of a by-gone era.


When our customers invest in one of our exceptional 700 Series shotguns, they are investing in a relationship with Thomas Ferney & Co as well as a treasure that they can enjoy and pass down from generation to generation. A 700 Series over under shotgun is not simply a tool, but a piece of functional art and a legacy that will endure.



                 The Milazzo 
The Thomas Ferney & Co. Milazzo model represents the pinnacle of the 700 series shotguns. Visually awe inspiring, its sumptuous handcrafted curves and intricate engravings belie a truly robust, and versatile over and under shotgun. The convergence of function and fine art, Milazzo was designed to thrill and inspire with world leading handling and detail to match.  

​The Milazzo is an over and under shotgun designed to perform and impress for the next 100 years! The delicate hand engraved receiver features traditional game scenes accented with intricate floral scroll. The fine detail and delicate nature of which belies the robust nature of the precision milled, 4140 composition steel receiver. Hand selected Grade IV Turkish Walnut painstakingly finished in a proprietary mix of natural oils and waxes that are hand applied and polished to a warm natural glow, makes each Milazzo a unique and visually discernible work of art. Milazzo's stock is shaped in the traditional European hunting style and features a Schnabel style fore-end and a traditional geometric checkering pattern that is sharp and chisel cut by hand. 


The shotgun's barrels are crowned with a 7mm ventilated rib, as well as a ventilated mid rib to allow for efficient cooling. The trigger is mechanical single selective and is engaged / disengaged via manual safety. The Milazzo's barrels glow with a deep, rich blueish / black luster and feature 3" chambers automatic ejectors, and interchangeable chokes. The Milazzo is an over and under shotgun equally well suited to shooting a couple hundred targets a day on a sporting clays course, a few rounds of skeet with friends, flushing pheasant in the field or for simply showing off through the glass of your gun cabinet.


Offered in  12 ga | 28" and 30" Barrel lengths



 The Torino 

Like the world class sports cars its namesake, the city of Turin Italy is renowned for, the Thomas Ferney & Co. Torino model is a high performance 

machine, built for speed and nimble handling. As light and fast as it is beautiful, the Torino is a shotgun that has been purpose built for the expert upland game hunter.


The Thomas Ferney & Co. Torino is an over and under upland game shotgun purpose built for the experienced upland game enthusiast. A shotgun that is as fierce as she is beautiful, tipping the scale at just ~ 6 pounds, (owed mostly to her alloy receiver) and with balance and swing characteristics that offer razor sharp responses, the Torino leaps from the ready position to the shoulder with minimum effort and tracks its quarry with a natural confidence that is flowing and steady. The Torino is a tool designed to do one thing extremely well which is to hunt all day long without fatiguing its operator.​


The Torino's satin finished alloy receiver features special deep relief engraving of game and floral scrolling, offset by deep black bone inlay. Carefully selected Grade IV Turkish Walnut is rich and highly figured. It is hand rubbed and hand checkered to bring out its natural beauty. The Torino's barrels are triple drilled from the purest Italian sourced steel rods; which have been stress relieved and silver soldered to a solid mid-rib with surgical precision. These robust barrels offer automatic ejectors, 3" chambers, interchangeable chokes and are well suited for heavy loads and steel shot. The trigger mechanical, single-selective and features a manual safety.

The Torino offers the expert upland game hunter a serious tool that can be comfortably carried all day with little effort and without compromising beauty and fine feel.


Offered in 12ga | 28" and 30" Barrel lengths

                 Model 0708S

The Thomas Ferney & Co. 0708S is the quintessential multi-role over and under shotgun. A dynamic blend of versatility and fine art, a beauty to behold and to be held, the 0708S  is a shotgun designed for the shooting enthusiast who wants a robust, yet nimble shotgun designed to fulfill the dual role of high volume sporter and hunter without missing a beat! 



It's true the 0708s is very much at home on the sporting clay's course, the skeet field or trap range. But, don't be mislead by the traditional hand cut floral scroll and highly figured Grade III Turkish Walnut. The 0708S' weight, balance and design make it a delight to carry in the field.

Fast pointing and well balanced with 3" chambers, automatic ejectors, chrome lined barrels suitable for firing steel shot, and with a full array of interchangeable choke tubes, this shotgun is extremely well suited to fast moving upland game in the field. If you own only one Over and Under shotgun, the Thomas Ferney & Co. Model 0708S is the one shotgun you must own.


Offered  in 12ga | 28" and 30" BL

Model 0730R 

A serious high performance tool for the dedicated upland game enthusiast, the lightweight Model 0730R over and under shotgun is designed around its revolutionary Ergal 7075 alloy receiver. This high performance hunter weighs in at just 6.0 lbs. With balance designed to achieve faster shouldering and smoother tracking, the 0730R is purpose built to take on the fastest and most agile of game birds.


​The reduced weight of the precision milled Ergal receiver makes for a shotgun that is more nimble and quicker to the shoulder than traditional shotguns. The low profile of the 0730R's receiver offers superior line of sight to the operator, while a slightly forward balance point gives the 0730R intuitive tracking capabilities. A fully mechanical single selective trigger and manual safety offer time tested reliability. The barrels feature a silver soldered solid mid-rib and a 7mm ventilated top-rib further enhancing the 0730R stunning streamlined appearance as well as improving resistance to dirt and debris encountered in the field.

The high performance attributes of 0730R are truly a tactile joy to experience. The fact that such a performance shotgun is also a joy to look at, The 0730R offers hand checkered Grade III Turkish Walnut stock and fore-end and carefully hand engraved game scenes on the coin finished receiver. 


Offered in 12ga | 28" and 30" Barrel lengths

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