Gun Cases, Field Luggage, Sporting Life 

Thomas Ferney & Co.  handcrafted field luggage, gun cases, leather goods, apparel and accessories respect the look and feel of classically styled vintage pieces from the golden age of country sport, while offering functionality designed around the needs of the modern world.

Our designers source the finest materials, merging the high tech with the old world.


Classically Styled Gun Cases and Shooting Gear

Purposeful Beauty, Luxury and Functionality



Central to the Signature Collection is the notion that there is a short list of items in our lives that speak for us, and about the people we are. These items tell stories of the great places we have been and the adventures we lived to talk about. Items that tell our personal story in such a profound way need to be up to the task of serving us for many years. Signature items are classically appealing

and sturdy enough to pass down to future generations.


Signature pieces are not simply crafted to withstand the rigors of heavy use and exposure to the elements, they are crafted to tell the story of those who have owned them by becoming our heirloom items of tomorrow.

Christian Handy originally conceived signature to satisfy his personal desire to replace prized pieces of well-worn field luggage that had been passed down to him by his grandfather and father. Our signature collection offers classic pieces are properly constructed with quality natural materials and traditional techniques. They are practical, built to last and smartly styled.



Hand Tailored One-Of-A-Kind and Small Batch Leather Goods

Designed By Our In House Team and Made To Order For Our Customers 

Thomas Ferney & Co. short run and bespoke gun case and field luggage is painstakingly crafted by some of the worlds most talented leather smiths and tailors. 

Whether purchasing one of these items off the rack from a short run production or working 

with one of our designers to tailor make a case for that special gun; the items in this collection are as individual as those that own them.



Our sport and its traditions are about much more than just the time we spend in the field. It's about who we are, our traditions and how we choose to spend quality time with our friends and family. The 1821 collection features pieces inspired by country sporting traditions and items that look smart and perform flawlessly whether they are carried in the field, in the boardroom, or while traveling to and from your next adventure. We have designed our 1821 collection to bring a sense of sporting style to the everyday routine.  

Every effort is made to manufacture the "1821" line in the company's domestic factories in the most traditional manner possible. The finest leathers and other natural materials are sourced from respected and responsible suppliers both domestically and abroad who share Thomas Ferney & Co.'s passion for quality and producing a product that is the best possible.


Designs from "1821" speak to the refinement and good taste of those who choose to enjoy them. Items from "1821" perform to the highest standard, doing so without compromising the classic aesthetic created by the rich materials and tastefully simple lines that define the smart style of the country sportsman.