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Over Under Shotgun Review

Dear Mr. Handy,


I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your products that provide us Wing-shooters the exceptional quality, beautiful designs, and the affordability to continue to pass this tradition on for generations to come. 

As someone who has worked in the sporting industry for the past two decades, I have been blessed to handle wing-shooting firearms ranging from $125 to $100,000 (for which the latter is a very rare occasion).  So it's fair to say that I've had a wealth of experience. In most instances there are things I would change about any specific firearm...especially with the more "affordable" guns.  But I've wondered from time to time,  what if I could feel like I had it all in a particular firearm;  price, performance, AND craftsmanship.  Now, it should be noted that it's very seldom that I take the time to write reviews unless I am utterly struck by confidence in a product or service, but during my own recent "compare and contrast" exercise, in investigating a new quality shotgun, led me to TF&Co. A re-born brand with a 140 year rich tradition that provides a very focused product line for the wing-shooting and sporting clay enthusiast.  It's my contention that your products represent outstanding value, and that a TF&Co. shotgun is well worth adding to any personal collection and would be one of my top choices for a quality over/under. (Should you be exploring a purchase in this category you will not be disappointed!) 


Keep up the good work TF&Co. I very much look forward to following the growth and expansion of your company.


To those of you reading this, I would advise getting in now as I see a bright future for this US-based Firearms Company.




Chet Hoefert VP

Presnell Sporting Collection.   (& TF&Co. 0708s Owner)

Over Under Shotgun Review 

Dear Thomas Ferney & Co. 


My TF 0708s is the finest firearm I have ever owned.


It is a pleasure to look at, hold, and more importantly to shoot. I tried it out on the Sporting Clays range, with good results. I patterned it before spring turkey season and the pattern was very uniform and true to my point. The real test came a few days later when I harvested a nice young tom turkey. The shot was about 45 yards and dropped the tom in his tracks. All my sporting friends have admired the looks and quality fit of my TF&Co. firearm and so do I.  


Howard H. Lewis (TF&Co. 0708s Owner)

Over Under Shogun Review

Dear Mr. Handy ,

THANK YOU! You and your company reaffirm to me over and over again that I made the right choice in [ shotguns ] and a small personable company over the [ major label shotgun ] I was considering buying. I am so grateful that I was lead to find

[ Thomas Ferney & Co ].



Dr. Tim P (TF&Co. Milazzo Owner)

Over Under Shotgun Review 0730R

Dear Mr. Handy,



I have been able to use the [ 0730R ] 20 gauge often this winter for upland hunting.  I really enjoy the gun.  It is very light weight making for an enjoyably day of carrying it around in the field.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Please let me know when you have 28 gauge availably.






Don M (TF&Co. 0730R Owner)

Over Under Shotgun Review

Hello Thomas Ferney & Co.,


I purchased a 0708s from a dealer recently. Having owned several shotguns and firearms over the last 30 years, I have a pretty good eye for quality firearms.The Thomas Ferney 0708s is one of the finest firearms I own. Not only is it beautifully crafted and manufactured, it swings and shoots wonderfully. On my last hunt we shot several pheasant, chukar and grouse. Very accurate and reliable. The folks in rural Oregon were quite impressed! Congratulations on making a beautiful shotgun with fabulous wood and a great mechanism. If you made a 20 gauge I would snap it up in a heartbeat. The price is quite competitive, as well.


Best regards,


Keith B (TF&Co. 0708s Owner)

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