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It is been said that few things have the power to stir the soul like a fine handmade shotgun. A fine shotgun is more than a tool, it is a masterwork that blends art, design, engineering and craftsmanship. Fine shotguns have a personality and a soul that is the reflection of the person who owns it.


Thomas Ferney and Company shotguns are highly sought after by collectors, hunting and target shooting enthusiasts. Our reputation for quality, accuracy and graceful handling characteristics have been well-known by the upper echelon of country sport enthusiasts for years. In addition, Thomas Ferney & Co's shotguns are highly valued for their micro-production volume.


Low production volume, hand engraving, highly figured and rare woods ensure that each shotgun crafted by Thomas Ferney & Co is an individual work of art.


Company founder Christian Handy ensures that his company's shotguns are as special and unique as his clientele that enjoy them.


"Our shotguns are fielded by some of the most visionary, successful and highly regarded; entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes and sportsmen of our time. These clients could've purchased from any number of other gunmakers, but they chose to enjoy a piece by Thomas Ferney & Co. because a shotgun should be as individual as its owner."


Thomas Ferney & Co. currently offers three lines of double shotguns: the Type-I Bespoke side-by-side, the craft made 523 Upland Game Shotgun  and the 700 series of "Semi-custom" Over and Under shotguns.

The Type-1 | 5-Pin Sidelock

Custom and Bespoke Shotguns | From $9500

The Type-I Side-by-Side represents the pinnacle of Thomas Ferney & Co.'s shotgun line and it's "Best Gun" offering. These masterpieces are made without thought to mass marketability.

The Type-1's barrels are of chopper-lump construction and drilled from premium weather aged Spanish drop forged steel. The action uses a premium Holland and Holland pattern 5-pin action, engine turned side plates and nitride internal finishing and is available with optional assisted opening. These works of art are meticulously crafted by hand to be the very finest examples of gun craft available. The Type-1 is generally custom finished to the client specifications, however, a limited number are produced each year to be sold off the rack, or auctioned. Finishing time for a custom order Type-I is generally 4 to 6 months.

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700 SERIES | Torino Light Weight, 0730R Field, 0708S

Sporting Craft Made Small Batch Over Under Shotguns | From $1800

The 700 Series luxury over/under shotgun is produced in 4 variants. The 0708S, Milazzo, 0730R and Torino. 700 Series shotguns feature drilled chromium nickel barrels of mono block design. They share a proprietary coil spring powered box lock action based on the modern "Brescia Trade" design. 


The 700 Series are "micro-production" shotguns, as such, variations in design and finish can be made in near real time. This unique aspect means 700 Series shotguns offer many of the same qualities one would expect only in a custom-made or bespoke shotgun, but at a more conservative price point. To the delight of Thomas Ferney & Co's clientele, the 700 series shotguns are sold "off the rack" and available directly from Thomas Ferney & Co. or at an authorized Thomas Ferney & Co. dealer.

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The 500 Series | Model 523 Upland Game

Craft Made Small Batch Side By Side Shotguns | From $2100

The model 523 luxury side by side shotgun is produced as a purpose-built light weight / small frame upland game gun. The 523 shotguns feature drilled mono block barrels that are chrome lined and joined with a solid low game rib. The model 523 offers tried and true reliability and performance from a coil spring powered box-lock action optimized for weight and balance. 


The 523 model is a handmade "micro-production" shotgun, and is currently available in scaled 20 ga chambered for 2-3/4" ammunition. As with other Thomas Ferney & Co. shotguns, the 523's limited production numbers provide for an exacting level of detail and hand finishing. Although the 523 is sold "off the shelf" each 523 is an individual work of art, hand finished to Thomas Ferney's exacting specifications. 

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There was a time in America when one could personally interact with the person who had conceived, crafted, and supplied his firearms. There existed a relationship, and a trust that transcended the merchant/customer relationship and at Thomas Ferney & Co. we believe that this type of personal service should not be relegated to our history books.


To that end, Thomas Ferney and Company is proud to be carrying forward the tradition of concierge level attention to all of our customers.