by Thomas Ferney & Co.

Features & Construction 

​Conceived​ specifically with the upland game hunter in mind, fielding the Type-1 shotgun is akin to piloting a purpose built sports​car. In the design process, special attention was given to feel and balance of this shotgun which was optimized for the smaller gauges preferred by Upland enthusiast.


The stock of the Type- 1 is designed in the traditional straight format that best complements the independent double trigger design of the receiver. Its clean round lines are unencumbered by rosettes so that the simple elegance of the rounded receiver traditions seamlessly into the upper stock. The clean elegance of the Type-1's lines are continued in the splinter type for-end.


With a subtle rounding along its gently tapering sides, the for-end offers the perfect complement to the hands as well as the streamlined aesthetic of this shotgun. An understated push rode release mechanism of minimalist design detracts little from the shotgun's beautiful wood. The release is located at the tip of the for-end and nestled up between the barrels. No detail has been overlooked in the interplay of materials and parts that give the Type-1 its unforgettable silhouette. 

The small frame round-body receiver of the Type-1 shotgun can be finished in silver or case hardened color and it boasts near 100% coverage in detailed hand engraving. The sleek line of rounded receiver is further enhanced by a beautifully hand sculpted smooth transition straight stock that is made to the customers preference. The elegant smooth transition from receiver to stock virtually eliminates the chance of a fumble or snag as the shotgun leaps to the ready in pursuit of game.

Often ​out shined​ by the spectacular inlaid receivers and exotic walnut​,​ the barrels are the true soul of any shotgun.

The pair of​ demibloc chopper lump barrels that make up the Type-1 are truly worthy of recognition as works of art in their own right. Born of premium drop forged Spanish​ steel, and finished by hand with the traditional rust bluing method, the barrels represent the melding of modern materials and ancient artisan craft. With painstaking attention to every detail, the barrels have been drilled to exact tolerances, honed for accuracy, polished and then low temperature silver ​soldered​to the concave center "game" rib.


Barrel length and constriction are made to the customers request. Each set of barrels is sent for independent proof testing and receive certification at 1370 BAR and for steel shot at the renowned Proof house in Eibar Spain.

Receiver Design 

Lockwork & Action 

Stock Design 

Wood blank selection is the clients choice. Thomas Ferney & Co. stocks choice Walnut stock blanks in several varieties and with varying degrees of figuring. Varieties on hand include English Walnut, Turkish Walnut and American Black Walnut. Photos of available blanks are provided for clients to choose from.


Each stock is itself, a collaboration of nature and man. It's an undeniable work of art that pays tribute to an epic struggle for survival. Our master stockmakers coax shape and dimension from dazzlingly beautiful Walnut blanks that wind, water, soil and force of will, have, over decades imparted with deep hues of amber and ebony.


Like wrinkles and scars, each line and variation in the walnut tells the story of the life and struggles of a tree who brought beauty forth from the elements. The most inspiring and complex figuring is often sourced from trees that were forced to fight hard to thrive in extreme conditions.   


It is from these masterworks of mother nature, that we fashion stocks made to our clients measurement preference in the same way it was done over 200 years ago. Carefully shaping with a saw and rasp and then delicately and painstakingly inleting by hand using a chisel to accommodate the receiver and lock-work these stocks are hand checkered in the borderless style.


Filling and finishing is done through a labor intensive hand rubbing process using a proprietary blend of natural oils. Countless hours are spent to ensure that our stocks are the finest in the world. They exhibit a beautiful glow that seems to emanate from within the stock. The grain is fully filled and the wood is waxed, polished and buffed to a satin sheen. 



Walnut Selection and Crafting 

The standard receiver engraving of the Type-1 side by side shotgun is traditional full coverage rose and scroll. This delicate floral engraving is similar to the style popularized by shotguns from famed gun maker James Purdey & Sons of London. It is carefully hand cut using a graver and hammer by master engravers in Eibar Spain. The underside of the receiver features the Thomas Ferney & Co. logo inlayed in gold for contrast against the case coloring of the receiver. The trigger guard is also finished with a tasteful flurry of engraving as well as Thomas Ferney & Co.'s signature double insignia inlayed with gold.


It is important to note that the finishes listed above are the standard for the Type-1 shotgun. Customers are free to customize the engraving and finishing of the receiver. Any conceivable combination can be created from more simple to much more elaborate engraving including photo realistic images. Should customers have a particular engraver they would like to work on their gun, Thomas Ferney & Co. can make arrangements with the artist of the customers choice. 


Likewise, the standard metal finish of the receiver, side-plates and trigger guard is accomplished through traditional charcoal case hardening. However, all types of finishing are available to our customers including cyanide finishing sometimes called French Grey, chemical case coloring, rust bluing, high polish coin finishing and more.


Our customer service staff will work closely with you to make sure that your Type-1 side by side shotgun is exactly as you would like it.

Hand Engraving 

Drop Forged Round Body Frame
Drop Forged Round Body Frame
H&H Pattern 5-Pin Side Lock
H&H Pattern 5-Pin Side Lock
Select Turkish Walnut
Select Turkish Walnut
Purdey Style Rose and Scroll
Purdey Style Rose and Scroll

The silky smooth 5-Pin action is robust and made in the Holland & Holland style with hand detachable side plates, gas escape valves, double triggers, automatic safety and selective ejectors. The hammers and sears can be finished in gold titanium nitrate to reduce wear and prevent corrosion and the triggers are also available plated in gold. The inside of the lock plates are brightly polished then jeweled to produce a sparkling finish. Lock pins can be finished with a combination of gold plating and / bluing, to produce a beautiful watch movement like appearance.